[Updated! All content is in Game!] (+ fixed an unlock bug) (+ fixed speedrun 'new record' checker)

Programming, Design and Graphics: Jay Nite

Audio (SFX/Music): ivscore

Magi's Tome is a fast-paced, spell-slinging platformer. Delve into an ancient crypt of an order of magi to discover their arcane secrets.

Wield magic words, defeat liches and collect all the Forgotten Pages to wield an unknown power that has been hidden away for centuries.


(menus are controlled with mouse for both control schemes)


WASD: Movement/Aiming
Space: Jump
Left Click: Attack
Right Click: Detonate Bombs
Q/E: Switch Currently Equipped Spell
F: Interact
Escape: Pause

PS4 (Xbox untested):

D-Pad/Left Stick: Movement/Aiming
X: Jump
Square: Attack
Circle: Detonate Bombs
L1/R1: Switch Currently Equipped Spell
Triangle: Interact
Options: Pause


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Hey all - I did the audio for this fun game. Hit me up if you need work for a project/jam! harry@ivscore.com